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 A young orphan learns the value of selfless giving in this warm holiday debut by Buchta.

 [It’s] full of stardust and snowflake magic, Elves, and toys as far as the eye can see...

[The book] pairs the merriness of the holiday season with a key lesson for readers on the importance of helping others. 

O’Leary Brown’s illustrations meld with the magic of the season, their warm hues and

intricate details evoking vintage Christmas cards...

The Wonderful Once is a captivating and feel-good tale for readers of all ages, reminding us all of the transformative power of selflessness and the magic of the Christmas spirit. ...Illustrated by Erin O'Leary Brown, the beauty and enchantment of the story comes alive.... making it an ideal choice for family read-aloud sessions during the holiday season.

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What to Expect: Christmas, magic, good deeds, family, kindness 

A blend of nostalgia and warmth fills the pages of this Christmas story, inviting  readers to think about the real significance of Christmas gifts and giving....The Wonderful Once is a lovely story, perfect for a shared tradition of Christmas  reading. 



“....A work that creatively updates the...origin story for a well-known holiday figure...”  

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I highly recommend The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story to any parent or teacher looking to add new stories of kindness to their regular rotation. In addition, I can see Buchta’s tale becoming a family holiday favorite.

Overall, The Wonderful Once is a heartwarming tale of Giving and Magic. The collaborative work of Erin O’Leary Brown and the author brings forth a book that is not only a joy to read, but also a pleasure to behold. “The Wonderful Once” with its enchanting story and captivating illustrations is a treasure for families looking to create cherished holiday traditions through shared reading experiences.

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